DLTAPP12 - Blinds Automations. Ex.1

Shutter automation example with single group command and  global command in house consisting of:

  • Every window equipped with local command UP/DW
  • Kitchen with 1 window
  • Living room with 5 windows and group command
  • Study room with 1 window
  • Sleeping area with 4 windows and group command
  • Total command for all the windows


To join two or more groups under a single command, it is sufficient to join the UP / DOWN inputs of one control unit for each group using the terminals at a higher level (the levels are in ascending order 0,1,2,3,4 for each up / down direction).

It is important to respect the Phase and Neutral position in the power supply terminals of each control unit.

Each fuse must be adequate for the absorption of the motor, respecting the maximum limit of the control unit at 2A.


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