Examples of single shutters group

The DLTAPP12, DLTAPP14 and DLRIT12 control units are extremely versatile devices that allow the control of the rolling shutter motors in different configurations.

With only one type of products (DLTAPP12 or DLTAPP14) it is possible to realize the complete system of groups (LOCAL, ROOM, AREA, PLAN, HOUSE).

tapparelle gruppo1enM


Adding a DLRIT12 unit gives the possibility to control the whole group from the same window controls, simply extending the duration of the pressure.



In any case it is also possible to have group commands at the same time as the functionality added by DLRIT12.



info Richiesta informazioni Tapparelle

DLTAPP12 + DLTAPP14 + DLRIT12 - Automazione per Tapparelle

DLTAPP12 - Automazione tapparelle. Es.1

DLTAPP12 - Automazione tapparelle. Es.2

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