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Electronic Design: concept, design and development

We design electronic systems able to meet the specifications requested by the customer, creating both prototypes and small series.
We are competent in the design of circuits from 0 to 2500MHz, in the implementation of software on microcontrollers of ATMEGA ATMEGA series, data management on MySQL database, SQlite and small scripts in Python, PHP and Javascript running on Linux and Raspberry PI.

As a CAD system we use the free multiplatform Kicad software to give the possibility to our customers to be able to view and modify without restrictions, in all tranqulities, schemes and PCBs without the need to purchase expensive licenses.


We provide ourselves for:

  • Design BF and RF analog systems up to 2500MHz;
  • Electronic schematics;
  • We draw small single-sided PCBs (printed circuit boards) and dual layers on FR4;
  • We generate GERBER files for PCB production;
  • We take care of the purchase and assembly of prototypes and small series (until 10000pcs/month);
  • We test the whole system;
  • We develop firmware for Microchip ATMEGA microcontrollers;
  • We develop software in Python for Linux and Raspberry PI;
  • We develop DOS / FREEDOS software also for REALTIME systems;
  • We develop concentrated and distributed I / O expansions for arduino, raspbarry, and serial and parallel ports;
  • Software for i2c / 1wire device management.


kicad schematicM

Schema elettrico che può essere anche multisheet

Kicad PCB

CAD per lo sviluppo di PCB a singola e doppia faccia


PCB doppia faccia lato componenti


PCB lato rame con solder resist e silk screen

Prototipo DL485BOX

Prototipo montato

Prototipo DL485BOX

Altra vista del prototipo montato